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Crusader raid in NewZealand…a fleeting journey in the Crusader mind


Crusader raid in NewZealand…a fleeting journey in the Crusader mind

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful, the prayers and peace be upon the Most Merciful of the Messengers and the Envoy of the sword, mercy to the worlds and his family and companions and those who follow them on the path of Dawah and Jihad to the Day of Judgment;

In the dawn of Friday, whereas the Muslims prepare on the back of the plain to receive their great day in which they hope to answer the hour, they turn with their eyes towards the corners of the Holy City where the pigs of the Jews lament over the Muslim women and their children in steadfastly proud Gaza; a man from the Knights Templar –yep, you read it right-, is changing his deadly weapons against a group of unarmed Muslims as they prepare to hold Friday prayers without any preparation for a vengeance or treachery.

In the far reaches of the earth, where security, stability and good living are sought away from the enormous clashes that engulf the Old World and its European colonies in the Americas, the hateful Crusader insisted on reminding all Muslims in the face of the earth and its mujahideen of the unity of their struggle and their struggle with the people of falsehood in general and slaves of the cross, especially as the battle remaining to the Day of Resurrection..

And with a miserable mixture of ideas of Urban II, hallucinations of Charles Martel and the follies of Donald Trump, the villain committed his crime insisting on finishing off again and again the rest of the life of those who were killed by the faithful monotheists, and his fear was that he feared for his nation rotten from any spirit – albeit faint – this Muslim nation has been burdened by heavy calamities, may be brought back by that cruel beast who is not afraid of their Western civilization.

After declaring in his statement the words of his identity and his belonging and pride as part of the civilization of the “white man” by saying:

“The origins of my European language, my European culture, my European political beliefs, my European philosophical beliefs, my European identity, and most importantly my European blood”

He justified his Crusader raid as a vicious cycle of revenge for the dead for the sake of the cross who fell in Europe throughout the battles with the “Muslim invaders,” after the fire of hatred in his heart, what he witnessed from the “occupation” of the heart of Christian Europe springing in France by the “inmigrant invaders” who prepared them as an extension of the early invaders…

He said of his choice of New Zealand – that quiet, isolated country – as the scene of his crusade to send a message to the Muslims that there is no place for them in the lands of Western Christian civilization, no matter how far apart and different countries and languages​​!!

New Zealand This isolated island in the southwest Pacific Ocean, which was conquered by the British Crusaders at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the nineteenth century by invading, killing and annihilating the indigenous people on the pretext of not being entitled to land they cannot exploit,

British historian Lawrence James, in his book “The Rise and Fall of the British Empire” about that era, says:

“In 1845, the surgeon was upset when he came down in New Zealand and found the fields uncultivated, their mines not working, their rivers unsuitable for navigation; and finally concluded that the state must be owned by intelligent people from the Old World.

Their resistance – the indigenous people’s – began for twenty-six years of intermittent wars between the Maoris and the settlers , supported by the British army until the mid-nineteenth century.

The Maoris had no hope of winning battles like other South Sea islanders, and the population diminished when they were mixed with foreign illnesses but continued their lives with skill and courage that stunned their enemies. They were not like the native Aboriginals who had been driven to the ruined lands and hunted like the Kangaroos, to integrate with the Maoris in New Zealand who passed the barriers of the ownership stage”

Either killing them like kangaroos, or living a slave who remained a slave according to British Crusader rules!!!

This is the Crusade mentality in its clearest form…

The “white man” came to liberate the land and purify it of the backwardness of the indigenous people in pursuit of the advancement of humanity, while the Muslims fleeing from their country by conquering the slaves of the cross and their followers of the rulers of the invaders invade the barbarity, no price for their blood

Otherwise tell me

What is the difference between this hateful Crusader and the British commander Allenby when he entered Jerusalem in 1918 to announce the end of the Crusades by the restoration of the House of Jerusalem?!

What is the difference between this hateful Crusader and the French leader Gourou when he entered Damascus in 1920 heading to the tomb of Salah al-Din Al-Ayoubi, and he kicked him with his feet: “Oh, we have returned, Salahuddin”??!

What is the difference between this hateful crusader and US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s “moderate liberal democracy” when asked about the deaths of one million Iraqi children as a result of the US blockade of the 1990s?

What is the difference between this hateful crusader and the foolish assailant George W. Bush “conservative Republican” when he announced the launch of the Crusades against Islam at the beginning of the third millennium??!

What is the difference between this hateful crusader and the French president Charles de Gaulle, the “liberal revolutionary” when the slaughter of a million and a half Muslims in Algeria when they demanded only their freedom, and even conducted nuclear tests such as mice in its vast desert??!

What is the difference between this hateful crusader and Mussolini, the Italian Fascist, when nearly half of the Libyan Muslim population was exterminated to give way to Italian settlers in the early 20th century?

What is the difference between this hateful crusader and the Russian crusader Putin when he exterminated the great masses of Muslims in Chechnya??!

What is the difference between this hateful crusader and the Serbian leader Milosevic when he exterminated Muslims in Bosnia in the mid-1990s under the pretense of the battle of Kosovo 600 years ago??!

There is no difference…

But this is the mentality of one crusader in their battle against the Muslims. The main difference that causes confusion and confusion about the nature of the battle in the minds of all Muslims today is the difference in methods, strategies and tactics used to fight the battle between two teams representing contemporary Crusader consciousness.

First team..

The descendants of Louis XIV King of France, who was captured by Muslims in the house of Ibn Luqman in Mansoura, Egypt, after he and his people learned an unforgettable lesson came out with a conclusion about the course of the battle and the form of conflict.

Louis XIV has realized that the military exchange clash with Muslims is a lost fight, no matter how the crusaders won in separate rounds, , And for the battle with Muslims to be fought before their ideological, intellectual and cultural strongholds and leadership must be destroyed.

Hence the crusader orientalist movement in the Islamic world, which has contributed in many stages – along with other factors – in the development of the contemporary tools of the world order, which face the Muslims by pressure sometimes and sometimes with force and sometimes containment and deceit; until the killing of Muslims became daily ritual on the altars of the cross without uttering the nation’s lips under the influence of the sword of the cross and gold.

The second team

They are the ones who want to fight the battle in its first explicit form. The ancient Knights of the Temple, wearing the war clothing decorated with the cross in every place and starting under the patronage of the papal blessing, proclaim their goal in all frankness: “Kill the heretical Muslims”

They want with each murderer the declaration of revenge for the fall of Constantinople in the hands of the Ottoman Turks, and the vengeance for the defeat of the valley of Barbat, which “inflicted” Andalusia in the hands of Muslims prey to eight centuries ..

Praising the slogans of human rights, respecting international law and preserving some of the margins of emptying and freedom that do not make the Muslim sacrifice resist the knife is not part of the papal crusade directives.

It is battle, killing, fighting and nothing else…

Like the first team, as a man who met his victims with sweet talk, and then inoculates a slow – acting poison, even if he felt life in one of them rushed to his knife to stab him in his heart claiming mercy and declared his desire to save him from his torment …

The second team was like a fatherly figure, but faced his enemy face to face without ambiguity or maneuver, and if that led to the recovery of that enemy from his stupidity, and his fall and his people under his clutches at the end

The second team accused the first team of treason and even offers to kill him and fight , as happened in Norway in 2011 , while 77 Norwegian Christian was killed in an attack by a supporter of the “extreme right” under the pretext of pro-ruling party for immigrants and support Muslims in Palestine against the Jews; and on the spite of Norway fact One of the most partner countries with the Zionist entity, where it played the role of Godfather and mediator to conclude the Oslo agreement, which is still the Jews reap the fruits of the Muslims and bitter in Palestine until the moment of writing these words!!

Therefore, the Crusader doctrine is the same and the different ways of confrontation

This hatred of the Crusader raid against the House of God in New Zealand to put signals to the most important components and the foundations of that doctrine on the weapons carried out by the crime of evil, revived unintentionally in the hearts of Muslims the fact of this conflict between Islam and infidelity, which the institutions of the world system to blur its features With the help of those who sold their religion from RAND Muslims.

Therefore, it was necessary to a journey of exploratory transient fit with these signs and their meanings in the Crusader mind facing the Muslims today; God may enlighten hearts if it was enlightened to fill the hearts of infidels terrified and their minds dazzled and confused…

The signals that this criminal has divided into his weapon have been divided into four homogeneous groups:

First: “References to al-Andalus”

Second: “References to the Frankish Crusades”

Third : “References to the Ottoman Empire “

Fourth: “References to the Contemporary Crusades”

First: “The reference to Andalusia”

– French leader Charles Martel

The conquest of Andalusia was the first European Islamic conquest when Muslims took control of the Iberian peninsula in a record time. They settled and the majority of the people of Islam voluntarily entered and began to move back to the European depth to complete the holy mission by spreading the light of revelation among the peoples of the land who who then lived in the dark and could hardly see a ray of light…

Indeed, the Muslims started towards France to follow the conquests from the south of France to the north until the Muslims arrived to the outskirts of Paris to gather the leader of the French Charles Martel army of 450 thousand of the Frankish Christians and Pagan Gentiles and some mercenaries in the army and the whole the Christian Crusaders was unmistakable

At the time of the city of Poitiers, the bitter clash between the Muslims led by Abdel Rahman Ghafiqi and the Crusaders led by Charles Martel lasted for a few days without victor or defeat, until Martel ordered his army to attack the spoils of the Muslims behind their camp. They only fell into the trap and left the battle to preserve the spoils. And the killing of their leader Abdul Rahman al-Ghafiqi martyr, urging them to continue the jihad and pay attention to the world, to end the battle by the withdrawal of Muslims and stop the tide of Islam in Europe from the West after having lost all open land in France.

Some Christian historians say that the victory of Muslims in this battle meant teaching the Koran in Oxford in Britain, that is, Europe becomes the Christian continent, a unified Muslim continent without discussion.

Therefore, the Battle of the Martyrs’ Court and the leader of the Crusader army Charles Martel represents a great value in the Crusader mind, as the battle and its leader symbolize the cessation of the Islamic threat from Western Europe and its decline in Andalusia, which was crushed by the armies of the Crusaders in turn until its fall in 1492.

Perhaps his position on the name of Charles Martel on the nozzle of his machine gun, which he used to kill the Tawheed worshipers evidence of the status of France in the Crusader mentality as the spearhead of the crusades throughout the ages ..

Second: “References to the Old Crusades”

1 – Bohemond I Crusader prince of the Principality of Antioch

He is the Crusader knight who was able to lead the Principality of Antioch, north of the Levant, which is the second Crusader state to be established in the Islamic East after the State of Al-Raha (Edessa) during the first Crusade, and then fought a large number of battles with Muslims during which he was subject to the families until his weakness weakened after the defeat at the hands of Muslims on the outskirts of the city of Harran – the city ​​of Sheikh Islam Ibn Taymiyah – to call one of his commanders to lead the emirate back to Italy until he died in his country ..

The importance of Bohemond I is linked to the Crusader mentality of the importance of the Principality of Antioch, whose occupation is a central event in the ancient Crusades for two reasons:

The first is that control of Antioch made the road completely paved without any obstacles to the control of Jerusalem, which the Crusaders entered in the year following the fall of Antioch in their hands in 1099, when they massacred 70 thousand Muslims at once.

Second: Antakya is especially important in the Christian mind because it witnessed on its territory the presence of Peter Al-Hawari – the so-called Vatican Church – for a period of time and invited him to Christianity ..

Thus, the entry of Antioch was linked to the Crusader mind by taking over Jerusalem, restoring one of the symbols of the Holy See, and restoring control of the ancient property of the Byzantine state in the Levant, which was “robbed” by the early Muslim conquerors …

The siege of Acre, 1189 CE

The siege of the Islamic garrison of Acre , which lasted for two years between 1189-1191m led by Richard King of England and Philip King of France spark starting Third Crusade, a massive campaign launched by Europe and threw the Pflmat livers attempt to regain control of the Holy House , which re Saladin opened in The aftermath of Hittin ..

The siege of Acre in the Crusader mentality symbolizes two important principles:

The first is the permissibility of expelling the covenants with the “heretical Muslims” and the shedding of their blood. This is represented by the fact that Richard King of England killed 2,500 soldiers of the Islamic garrison Sabra after giving them safety without hesitation.

Second: The constant and continuous pursuit of the restoration of Jerusalem from the hands of Muslims, and keeping it in the hands of the Christians, whatever the consequences. The siege of Acre is the first episode of this campaign in which Europe sought all the strength to restore Jerusalem until their repentance .

Third : “The references concerning the Ottoman state”

The Ottoman Empire is the largest modern entity that faced the Crusaders’ ambitions in the lands of Muslims for nearly 600 years, and the last Crusader hegemony over the Muslim world for centuries defending the northern, southern, western and eastern Islam, and even penetrating the Crusader depth in Europe until it reached its heart, Twice, and almost to fall if not God Almighty , and God has entered thanks to him and then thanks to this nation great nations in Islam, such as Albanians, Bosniacs and others; even the Europeans launched on all Muslims the word “Turks” as representing the whole nation that fights them not Wareham element ethnically alone as the lead in this country as you are Turks, otherwise I have not heard about a Turkish one killed in the attack ; Vmahm of the people repelled the arrows on Islam with their bodies for long periods ..

Therefore it occupies the Ottoman Empire and “Alotr AAC” the forefront of the contemporary intellectual crusade , which manifested itself in the multiplicity of signals used by this crusader on his arm , pointing to the multiple facts of its political, geographical and Streptococcus implications in the history of this state; after he wrote in his statement published before Attack message to the “Turks” saying:

“You can live in peace in your territory east of the Bosphorus, but if you try to live in European territory anywhere west of the Bosphorus, we will kill you and drive you cockroaches out of our territory.

We will come for Constantinople and we will destroy every mosque and minaret in the city “

The signs are:

1 – Commander of the Albanian Crusade Iskander Bek

He was the leader of a Christian Albanian whose father was an emir of the northern emirate of Albania until the time of Ottoman Sultan Murad II came under Ottoman Islamic control. The Ottomans took him in their palace and converted to Islam. Even if his father returned and his father died, the emirate returned to full Ottoman control. and, through a cunning ploy hatched by the treachery of Muslims in the north of Albania and sign them great him and regained his real name , “George Kastriot” and an alliance with the princes of Europe Christians , with the support of the Pope of Rome to run with the Ottoman Empire for a long – term war of hit – and – run lasted 25 years , spanning the time of Sultan pain Ahad Mohammed Al Fateh even overtook him away and disintegrated north of Albania and the emirate is enough of God believers evil ..

Alexander Beck also symbolizes two very important symbols in the Crusader mind:

The first is to be considered one of the heroes of the crusaders who have stood in the face of the sweeping Islamic tide in Europe in its early stages , which has not been able to stand in front of it except a limited number of crusader leaders; it is in the Crusader mindset is the symbol of liberation of the time of the refraction.

The second is symbolized by the Christian conflict in general and the Serbs in particular with the Albanian nationalism. Most of the Albanians became Muslim after the stability of the Ottoman foothills and their good Islam. They became a protected shield in the face of continuous Crusader pressure on the state until quite a few of them became the supreme leader of the Ottoman Empire . The old antagonism between the two Serb nationalities – the spearhead of the Eastern European and Albanian wars before the Ottoman conquest – became a symbol of treachery and evil in the crusader society’s mentality until it was manifested as the sun in the massacres of Kosovo Albanian Albanians by their Serb enemies The end of the twentieth century, which took place under the eyes and sight and satisfaction of the Crusader world system and even pretended otherwise ..

2 – Lepanto Marine Association 1571 m

In the reign of Sultan Selim I and Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman and Ottoman naval forces expanded until they became protected from the Islamic fever in the east and protected the Muslim coasts to the far west through its vast Mediterranean fleet . Thus, the control of the Mediterranean Sea of ​​the Ottoman Empire almost completely condemned Europe’s fear of That danger surrounds them from every side.

Pope Pius V therefore called for the preparation of a crusade to undermine Ottoman influence in the Mediterranean and to regain control of the coasts of North Africa in Tunisia, Algeria and Libya.

The Crusader alliance consists of Pope Pius V of the Vatican, Philip II of Spain and the Republic of Venice, in addition to some Italian cities such as Tuscany, Genoa and Savoy, and the Austrian commander Don John was placed on the crusader fleet headed to clash with the Ottomans.

On October 17, 1571, God willing, the Muslims would be defeated, 30,000 of them would be killed, 10,000 were captured and 200 warships lost, more than half of which were taken by the Christians.

Of the great impact of this battle in the Ottoman Crusader conflict, Pope Pius V explicitly stated that the commander of the fleet without John had expressly mentioned the name of the Lord in the Bible !!

This battle represents the greater sea breakage of the dominant Ottoman power, which could not recover from it then to return as it was, but began the phase of Islamic maritime collapse and the growth of Crusader influence on the Mediterranean.

In addition to breaking the prestige of the Ottoman fleet, which the Crusaders thought was invincible and unbeatable …

Thus, this naval battle had a great place in the Crusader collective mind.

3-H Vienna was born in 1683

It is a pivotal event in the history of the Ottoman Crusader conflict when the great chest of the Ottoman Empire failed the mass of Sufi Pasha with a huge army of over 200 thousand Muslims in Vienna, the capital of Austria and maintaining the continuity of the flows of European Islamic conquests, after an ongoing siege that the Crusaders thought the city was inevitably falling ..

Where the advent of the army of the Christian alliance under the patronage of the Pope, and the betrayal of one of the Muslim leaders to the loss of battle and the retreat of the army of Muslims and the lifting of the siege of Vienna, the capital of the Hapsburg; which led to disastrous consequences on the Ottoman Empire was:

1 – the Ottoman state for the first time from the status of the attack to the status of defense in its conflict with the European crusader forces.

2 – the beginning of the splitting of the Ottoman regions in Europe and the declaration of disobedience, such as Aflak and Bgdan (part of Romania and Moldova now) , which declared the revolution in Istanbul.

3 – The European countries dare to claim the Ottoman Empire part of its European territory, which was then developed to the Ottomans to sign the Treaty of Carlowitz, which for the first time gave up for a large territory, including Hungary for the benefit of Austria, Russia, Venice and Poland in addition to the cessation of European countries to pay The tribute to the Ottoman Empire ..

Thus, the siege of Vienna represents the first refraction of the Ottoman Empire in its battle with Europe after centuries of superiority and expansion, as well as the break-up of Islamic battles in Eastern Europe.

4 – Battle of Shibka 1877 m

It was part of the Russian Ottoman War that lasted from 1877 to 1878 after the Ottoman Empire under the leadership of Sultan Abdulhamid II rejected the dictates of the Crusader forces regarding the state’s territories and the status of its Christian population.

The Ottoman Empire fought against an alliance consisting of Russia, Serbia and Montenegro and Romania, as well as supporting the Christian subjects in the Ottoman Empire under the cover of the great powers of France and England. This made the balance of power very much in favor of the Crusaders during the period of the Ottoman Empire.

The Muslims did not enter the city of the Crusaders and destroyed the Muslims of their father, which prompted the Sheikh of Islam in the Ottoman Empire to issue a general fatwa for all Muslims to be jihad to every capable adult sane.

To reach the Crusader Russian armies to the outskirts of Istanbul, the capital of the Caliphate, hoping to avenge the Byzantine state and take over the city, which was the church of Ayasofia kiss of the Christians of the East for hundreds of years.

However, the critical situation of the Sultan Abdul Hamid II forced him to sign a truce with the Crusaders of Russia and then comply with the Treaty of San Stefano, which gave the Ottoman Empire for most of its regions and territories of Europe, leaving only a few scattered land here and there ..

Thus, this war represents the second comprehensive destruction of the Ottoman Empire after the siege of Vienna in 1683, where the state collapsed a few years after the coup against Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1909 ..

This battle also reflects the status of the Crusader Russia in the Crusader collective mind as the bearer of the Cross Brigade in the eastern part of the globe.

Fourth: “References to the Contemporary Crusades”

1 – Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic

Salibia leader of the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Karadzic during the war of genocide one of the most contemporary faces of the Crusades, as a and all the bulk of the task of breaking Albohnaqa Muslim entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the heart of the Balkans.

In the wake of the fall of the Yugoslav Union, the Bosnian Muslims aspired to get rid of the Crusader servitude they had suffered for decades since they had come out of the Ottoman Empire. They took advantage of the Serbian central state in Belgrade to declare independence from Yugoslavia and establish the Muslim-majority Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

However, the Crusader world order was not allowed to emerge as an Islamic in Christian Europe in the midst of a Christian environment. The task was to break this entity and its unity and to destroy its cohesion and ability to influence the Crusaders who were thirsting for revenge for their crushing defeat by Sultan Murad I in the Battle of Kosovo 600 years ago.

Within three years, under the eyes of the crusaders, the Serbian Christians managed to exterminate hundreds of thousands of Muslims, displace nearly half of the population, purge entire cities of the Muslim Bosniac presence, and rape at least 50,000 Muslim women in gang rape camps. The time for the …

After the Dutch battalion of the United Nations disarmed Muslims in the city of Srebrenica on the pretext of establishing a safe haven to protect them, the forces of Karadzic besieged the city, and began to rain all types of missiles before the tragedy.

In every crusade, the Dutchbat surrendered the Bosniac Muslims to the Serb crusaders who divided them into two. They went to men to be shot and cut, and to the women to kill their symptoms; in a few hours the Muslims lost at least 8,000 people.

This is Karadzic, who was the Australian crusader attacking the mosque singing his name after the Muslims inflicted what was inflicted by the dead ..

He did not mean Karadzic as a person per se; rather, he meant what Karadzic symbolized by the insistence of the contemporary Crusades to tear apart any cohesive Islamic bloc capable of influencing the heart of Europe as the heart of the Christian world; Through the global system, with the aim of eradicating any solid nucleus of Muslims in their midst.

Not to mention what Karadzic symbolizes the prominent role of the crusaders in the Crusades against the Ottoman Empire and the successor to the Muslims for centuries ago until today.

2 – Crusader Alexander Beesont

A Canadian crusader who raided a mosque in Quebec, killing six unarmed worshipers in 2017.

Despite the triviality of this Crusader character and its enormous influence, the crusader crusader in New Zealand wanted to boast about the importance of the role of “individual crusader wolves” in influencing the Islamic presence – albeit in the form of minorities – in Europe and its colonial annexation through Raising the rates of panic among the Muslim communities, which leads to increase rates of reverse migration of Muslims, which leads to the Islamic presence to weaken until faded; and achieve what they aim to end the Islamic presence completely as a group of invaders ..

This reference symbolizes the individual dealings with the Islamic presence through the ancient Crusades without being restricted to the mechanisms of the world order.

This method is rejected by the Crusader world order not for the dispute over the desired goal, but for giving preference to some interests, and for considerations related to the wider complications related to the Crusader interests along the simple is not the time to talk about them ..

While there is a large sector of the “extreme right” if they believe in the validity of this method and its importance …

– Finally

While this hated Australian crusader laid the final touches on his plan to raid the mosque, he did not forget to mention the leader of the modern crusade, the head of the most evil entity known to human history, Donald Trump, when he considered him a symbol of “white identity.”

And so ..

And after sailing with you quickly sail in the components of the Crusader mind, which pointed to the passage of cursing passing time from the old to the modern, and the place from east to west, and merged the mentality of the Crusader Catholics alongside the Orthodox and the Protestants in a single crucifix intended to break only Islam and its people ..

So what are you doing ?!

Do you stand for them pause Tariq ibn Ziad Day Valley of Mecca ??!

Or will they withstand the steadfastness of Salah al-Din on the day of Hittin ??!

Or did they change Murad’s first raid on Kosovo?

Or prove to them the stability of Barbarossa between the waves of the Mediterranean ?!

Or smell x Hmokh Osama Day wrestled Hubal of the age alone ??!

Umm Tdak Arushham Duk Mohammed Atta on Manhattan day ??!

O son of Islam ..

Take the order of his return, and wear the clash to his nation; then the things await waivers, and the great men ask ..

Oh God , this religion is your religion, and we are your servants and the people of your law; O God, support us your religion, and raise us the banner of your law, and tortured the people of Kafrnk and stubbornness ..

And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

Adnan Hadid

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